I am a seeker of truth (but that blog name was taken). I’m also less interested in telling the world about myself than about the Word of Truth (which was also a name that was taken). But here’s a brief overview anyway.

I have graduated from college with a double major in aerospace engineering and Japanese. Odd combination, some might say, but those are two of my interests. With regard to this blog, however, my most relevant family of interests is Bible study, prophecy, and eschatology.

I read voraciously, so while I may not be an expert on much of anything, I know a little bit about a lot of things, and I can write about what I know and explain how things work. I can never remember exactly where I read that useful bit of information though…good thing we have search engines.

If you require labels for the purpose of categorizing me religiously, you could say I’m a non-denominational Christian, which is still quite generic. However, if you read much of what I have to say here, you’ll probably figure out fairly quickly that I’m not exactly your average “go to church for an hour on Sunday and do whatever I want the rest of the time” Christian. God and His Word are the highest authority, and we strive to follow the example of the Messiah and his apostles as closely as possible. This will probably be covered in greater detail elsewhere.


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