Why do you have FAQs if nobody’s asked any questions?

Nobody’s asked anything yet, but with the sort of things I plan to talk about, I’m pretty sure someone will want to ask something eventually. I’m trying to anticipate some of those possible questions before they appear. Of course, even if you write a FAQ, some people won’t see it and will ask questions anyway.

Are you Jewish?


What are you, then?

I described myself briefly in the About page. I am a seeker of truth, a follower of the Messiah, but I do not belong to a human denomination. My people follow the example of the Messiah and his apostles as closely as possible in this corrupt world, the doctrine and truth “once delivered to the saints.” (Jude)

Do you belong to a cult?

No, but some might erroneously think so.

What version of Scripture do you use?

Usually the King James. Most of my quotes are linked to the relevant KJV passage on Blue Letter Bible. But for clarity or accuracy sometimes I will quote New King James, as there are some verses in the original King James that were not well translated, or the archaic wording is just too opaque. Whenever possible I like to take a look at the words in the original Hebrew or Greek though, as there is quite a lot of meaning that just doesn’t come through in translation.

How can I ask you more questions?

Leave a comment and I’ll either reply there, point to an addition to this FAQ, or write a new post addressing the question.


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