1 Timothy

By the end of 2012, I finished memorizing 1 Timothy. I say “finished” but something like that is never truly finished – if I want to keep it with me, I will have to continue to review it periodically. However, I did get to the end of the book and I had it all in my head at that point. During this process of memorization, I spent much time thinking about the content and found many connections and themes of the book. I am now in the process of gathering these thoughts into systematic posts on various themes.

I began to memorize the book nearly three years before I finished. At that time, when I was going through the first chapter for the first time, I started with a post on a correlation between 1 Timothy 1:9-10 and the Ten Commandments.

I then returned to the book by October 2012 when I found a more in-depth and meaningful way to memorize, and the result of that depth allowed me to write more on 1 Timothy than I have on any other topic, as well as to complete my goal of memorizing the book.

Initial post: 1 Timothy and the Ten Commandments

First sequence of numeric themes (December 2012):

Sequence of alphabetic themes (2013):

Continued sequence (2014-2015):


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