Cross-section: 1 Timothy (Part 9) – Tet

The systematic cross-section of 1 Timothy continues with Tet.

For a much more in-depth reference on numerical themes and how they correspond to the twenty-two Hebrew letters and are expressed on every level throughout Scripture (even in the books written in Greek), please see the original Bible Wheel book and site. Note that not every verse will thematically carry its numerical theme, but overall, the patterns are clear. If a verse doesn’t thematically carry it, and sometimes even if it does, it tends to have a secondary numerical characteristic that connects, which will also be noted.

Tet – Ninth letter of the Hebrew Alef-bet. Symbolizes good (vs evil), fruit, taste, twisting, the serpent, deceit/lies, falling short.

In 1 Timothy, there are six tet verses: the ninth verse of each chapter.

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